Will Locks with Keys be Eventually Replaced by Keyless Security Locks?

The forward march of technology sure is interesting. It’s very easy for us to assume that just because a certain type of new device has entered the scene, then older devices will basically have to go. This appears to be definitely the case with locks. After all, what’s more convenient than a keyless security lock?

Think about it, if you just show up in front of a door, and then there’s a keyless security system, you put your thumb on it, and before you know it, the door opens. You might even get a recorded greeting. What’s not to love?

Well, not so fast. Please understand that there is no such thing as a perfect security system. If there were, we probably would have come up with it a long, long time ago. The truth is, the reason why keyless security locks occupy a certain market niche compared to traditional locks as well as combination locks is because they have areas for improvement. Seriously.

Everything has an area for improvement. There’s no such thing as a perfect option. Keyless security locks are not immune to this basic fact. If we were to ask ourselves, “Will locks with keys eventually be replaced by keyless security locks?” The answer would have to be no. Here are the reasons why.

Keyless security locks are ultimately dependent on electricity. Whether a keyless security lock system is powered by a self-enclosed battery system, a solar system, or a traditional electric setup, it is still dependent on electricity.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, if a system uses a solar panel and related gear, then I’m good to go.” Well, think twice. The sun is not always shining, especially if you live in the Northern part of the United States.

In a typical day in northern climates, you really don’t get enough sunlight to properly charge your system, especially when people are going in and out of the building and the keyless security lock is basically being engaged quite a bit.

And every time it’s engaged, it draws electricity. So, what happens is that the electricity being stored up by the solar panel during the day may easily be depleted. What happens then? Well, you get a lot of frustrated people trying to enter the building, but they can’t because the keyless security lock doesn’t work.

Of course, most of these lock systems have a backup. Generally speaking, a keyless security lock would have a key slot. I know, that sounds almost kind of funny because that’s precisely what you’re trying to get away from.

Remember, the main alternative to a keyless security lock system is a system with a key. Why bother with an item that requires a key? Aren’t you going back to square one?

Well, that’s the problem. If the main electricity source of the keyless security lock system goes out for whatever reason, you’re back to square one. You have to have that key. Well, you have to have access to the person who has that key. This is going to be problematic because, usually, the person who has that key operates in a centralized manner.

What I mean by this is that while there may be many keyless security locks throughout the premises, they all go back to one custodian or one security person on duty for that particular time. That’s the person with a copy of the key that will unlock all the security locks.

If this sounds crazy, if it sounds like it takes a lot of time, it does. And given everything that can happen, this might put you in a very awkward situation. It might even make your situation quite insecure and unsafe, especially if there’s somebody running around with a knife or somebody with a gun.

I know it sounds crazy. It’s definitely a nightmare scenario, but believe me, it happens. So, how do you deal with that? To get down to brass tacks, it’s really highly unlikely that locks with keys will eventually be just completely replaced by keyless security locks. At best, the keyless options will remain options in the market.

In other words, you can use them, but you will always have to use a key as a backup. That’s pretty much the best you can do in this situation. It doesn’t matter where these devices draw their power from. It can be a typical generator, a solar panel, or the grid. But at the end of the day, you will have to get ready to go back to square one.

And that’s when you contact the main custodian in charge of security and this person comes out with a key that unlocks the keyless security lock.

Another reason why I think keyless systems will never completely replace traditional lock and key setups have something to do with subjective impressions. Many people just draw a lot of security from physical things.

When you have a key, you know that you can access the lock and open it. As long as you keep the key in good shape, it will work. There’s security in that. There’s no second guessing. There’s no gray areas. It’s a simple matter of having the right hardware and accessing the right lock.

You don’t get that same sense of stability and predictability when you’re dealing with a keyless system. You are at the mercy of the sensor. You are at the mercy of the power supply of the system. Sensor hardware software can and sometimes do fail. There are just so many areas where the system can somehow some way fail.

You don’t get any of that insecurity with an old school tried and proven hardware lock system. Sure, it’s analog as all get out but oftentimes, there’s gold with the old.

By going with the tried and proven, you make it easy on yourself should you find yourself in a situation where all your chips are down. This is especially true if you have locked away some very valuable stuff.